Leverage Omni-channel 1:1 Marketing To Reach Huge Audience

Boosting eCommerce through WeChat Mini Program Livestreaming

2020 is a year for China’s eCommerce to shine, even though its slight shrink by 4%, surpassing the usual eCommerce giant US to become the largest retail market in the world, amounting to RMB35.043 trillion in sales (eMarketer, Jun 2020). Consumers’ spending increases accordingly at RMB14.440 trillion on retail eCommerce, signaling a 16% YOY increase compared to 2019.

Tapping into the China Market through Social Commerce

Chinese consumers’ optimism has picked up since mid-April, with more than 50% of consumers feeling optimistic about post-COVID recovery.

New Force of Consumption Power in China During and After Crisis

Consumers' demands are always there - in good and bad times. To stay relevant and maintain exposure, brands should adjust their sales and marketing strategies. Social Commerce is the all-time solution.

An up-and-coming Content-driven eCommerce Trend: Livestreaming eCommerce

Video content is gaining unprecedented attention, and livestreaming is under the spotlight. Leveraging the power of eCommerce and livestreaming, livestreaming eCommerce is a powerful driver of sales conversion.

Maintaining Brand Exposure during Crisis for Far-reaching Benefits

Crisis is temporary, but a brand-name can be made long-standing provided appropriate marketing strategies...

Making Your Business Recession- and Crisis-Proof with eCommerce

As the saying goes, when there’s a crisis, there comes an opportunity. With the negative economic growth and devastations brought by epidemics and social movements in HK from 2019 to 2020, it prompts businesses for an inevitable shift. Brick-and-mortar businesses, in particular, need to devise a plan for dipping revenue. This is exactly how eCommerce comes into place...

Tapping into the eCommerce Market in China through Digital Personalization

eCommerce, a crisis- and recession-resistant solution to businesses, is seen as having great potential with the Mainland Chinese market...

Enhancing Gratification of Brick-and-Mortar Shops through “Retailtainment”

With the fast technological advancement around the globe, the way brands can optimize consumer experience is constantly evolving. Consumers nowadays expect more engaging experiences with brands, which drives physical retail locations to innovate their ways of developing consumer experience (SmarterCX, Nov 2019)...

Success Ingredients behind 2019 Singles’ Day: Selling on eCommerce Platforms

Singles’ Day is celebrated on November 11 every year, initially as an ‘anti-Valentine’s” celebration invented by students at Nanjing University who intended to celebrate their singledom in the 1990s, which was then adopted by the eCommerce giant Hangzhou-based Alibaba in 2009 as an all-inclusive shopping festival for anyone, regardless of their status...

O2O Social Commerce for Watch and Jewellery Market

Figures regarding luxury watch sales released by Statista illustrated that luxury watch revenue reached US$1,880 million in Hong Kong in 2019, which was only around 10% of that of China at US$10,727 million. By global comparison, Mainland Chinese consumers excelled in luxury watches spending...