Leverage Omni-channel 1:1 Marketing To Reach Huge Audience

Key highlights of X-Horizon Agency Trading Desk, XTD

  • A command center to execute omni-channel 1:1 marketing
  • Reunify and structure data streams from all sources, as well as mine data in real time
  • Reach over 2 billion audience (90% of the global internet population) across networks and platforms
  • Provide data-driven, audience-buying solutions for global industries including luxury industry by leveraging vast premium media and data resources in the Global Markets. 
  • Supported by data team who use data, AI technology and innovative strategy to manage programmatic & audience buying.

With huge investment and volume of data involved, it is expected that X Social Group will be among one of the few agencies in APAC with this rare opportunity to get involved in such an important data-driven client initiative for more effective marketing solutions. 

Concept Map for Agency Trading Desk, XTD